His and Hers Exhibit

An artistic couple exhibiting their love
for their first love… art.

Jason, an architect and JL, a mom and entrepreneur, both realised their love for arts before they found their love for each other. Both have a creative flair exhibited starting from grade school through participation in various art-related competitions in their homeland – the Philippines – to which they both wonder if they might have crossed paths during one of those occasions. It is, in fact, this love for art that drew them together when they met as classmates in the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts.

After nine years of marriage, with most of it spent in Hong Kong, they continue to inspire each other to create. They both find solace in painting despite their busy schedules and having two adorable young children.

Their styles and approach are very different though, which somehow represent their individual personalities. HIS is an impressionism with subjects of people, landscape and everyday life, of subtle and delicate colours and strokes. HERS, on the other hand, is more of pop art, inanimate objects or unusual themes utilising more vibrant colours, bold techniques and mixed media.

Their pieces of work were first featured in a group exhibit held last September 2016, entitled Halo Halo, A contemporary Art Exhibit where they were joined by fellow Filipino artists. This exhibit’s purpose was to raise funds for a cause.

Now, they are showcasing their recent works at their first duo exhibit entitled “His & Hers”, A Contemporary Art Exhibit to be held on September 20, 2017 at BRICK LANE Gallery, GF Minden suites, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Bricklane is a bar and restaurant gallery offering a venue for artists to showcase their work and be viewed by customers while enjoying its sumptuous servings.

The exhibit will feature 5 works by Jason from his soft pastel collection, and 7 paintings by JL from her “Death by Dessert” series. Just like the couple’s colourful love story, each piece featured in the exhibit has a history behind it and a story to tell, which gallery viewers can bring home.

Get to know them

  • JL Timbreza-Siao
    Jhoannaliza Timbreza-Siao, or JL to her friends, previously worked as a Team Lead and Art Director in the Philippines before moving to Hong Kong and deciding to be a full-time mom and part-time entrepreneur/baker and freelance web and graphic designer. Despite being busy with her multiple careers, JL finds time to create as she is not comfortable with idle hands.
  • Jason Siao
    Jason is a Senior Landscape Designer in one of the architectural firms in Hong Kong, practising in the territory for over 9 years now. Armed with a degree in Bachelor of Science, major in Landscape Architecture from the University of the Philippines, he is an active member of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects which exposed him to different levels of design-oriented environment.

G/F, 17-23 Minden Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opens Mon-Sun
9:00 – 0:00